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Making Magick

As a Witch, I believe I have the right to co-create my reality and provide good-quality lives for myself, loved ones, and the greater environment, via the magickal arts. To that end, I make magick! Magick comes in many forms, and draws on many areas to do so. Spells are the obvious and most common way.


But what is a spell? and why is magick spelt with a "K"? A great majority of Pagans spell magick with a "K", simply to distinguish it from the the illusionist "trick" type of magic, and the real thing. I have also seen it spelt "Magyc", and frankly I think it's all really unnecessary. I have got into the habit of spelling it with a "K" myself, but don't have issues with any way it's spelt.


The best way I have heard explained what Spells are (and for), is by Silver Ravenwolf in her book "Hedge Witch: spells, craft & rituals for natural magick" . She describes it at thus:

" Spells are nothing more than tools to focus the mind and support your beliefs in a positive way, to bring your desires to fruition through the means of quantum physics (energy manipulation). Spellwork focuses the mind on a specific subject in a specific way, many times using an activity (such as burning a candle) to bring the two parts of your belief (conscious and subconscious) into alignment. Words and tools are used together to poise your mind at its most capable point of manifestation. When you cast a spell, you are throwing out your energy net through words and actions to bring something to you, whether that something is a new car or inner harmony. Choosing your words and your tools carefully and succinctly becomes very important, because it is not the universe you have to convince that you deserve whatever it is you want, it is yourself. Therefore, the tools and words of a spell are mental garden stepping stones that should:


a) pull in divine energy through positive uplifting thought and behaviour; and

b) align your conscious and subconscious beliefs.


If the spell does not do both of these things for you, your desire will not manifest"


About spells.

A great deal of "Witchy" websites have long lists of spells, and if you want to find one for just about anything, it certainly isn't hard! I have chosen to keep my own private, for the following three reasons:


1. Spells performed without understanding how they are put together, are at best likely to fail, and at worst dangerous.


2. Spells are performed for specific needs, and specific people. A wide range of considerations need to be taken into account, which simply isn't possible if you don't know the person who made, or will use the spell.


3. Spells should only be done with free will and full consent.


I therefore feel it both inappropriate and imprudent for me to share mine on this website. I am more than happy however, to share some of the above mentioned "considerations" so you can have the tools to write your own. See my section on Correspondences below for more info.





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