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I have chosen not to make any of my rituals publicly available on my website. I have done this for the same reason as I gave for not listing spells. I can however, give you a bit of an idea of what they involve, and why they are done.


There are all sort's of rituals witches perform from the simple to the elaborate, and for a myriad of reasons. Whether it be a bathing ritual to prepare yourself for a more formal ritual, a preparation meditation, (or a meditation ritual itself), a quick blessing for something, or a full blown complex ritual for major spell working, they all have one main goal - to focus the energies for magickal working. You may don special jewellery, wear special clothes, or even wear nothing at all if you choose! There may also be all manner of "props", including candles, altar, athame, wand, incense etc. or none at all. The choice is yours. What is important, is you have a very deep understanding of both what you are doing, and why. Below is an extremely simplified outline of how (and even more importantly why), I do one of the most important rituals - casting a circle.











What is circle casting, and why do we do it?

"Casting a circle" is setting up a sacred space to act like a temple of sorts, or a clean space in which to do ritual and magickal workings. It involves preparations such as raising energy, considerations of various correspondences, and the invocation of various deities etc, to lend their power. It is a boundary of energy extending halfway above the ground and halfway below. It marks the boundary between the worlds: inside the circle is a cleansed space where the two worlds can interact. Outside is the mundane, 'regular' world. It creates an area in which both worlds are present; in a very real sense, it is between the worlds. To invite a Deity, or similar without a circle (into the mundane world) isn't always such a great idea. It's easier to interact inside a circle. It also acts to keep magickal energy inside until it is ready to be released, or to keep negative energy outside. The size of the circles vary depending on how many will be in it. Some traditions have very specific size requirements. When alone, I cast one that is the right size for me to work in comfortably, and follow the requirements of others when working in a group. It's main reason is to provide focus, and assisting to clearly visualize what you are doing, and how you are doing it. When done correctly, you should be able to feel the energy you are attempting to move, and have a clear idea of where you want to put it.


The nature of your circle will depend on the ritual you are planning on doing, but generally speaking, it is done to protect from outside negativity; to contain magickal energy for you to use. Before casting, it is also recommended you clear the area of any negative energies first. This can be done a myriad of ways, the most common being "sweeping" away any negative energies via a besom or even just with you hands or intent, or blessing the area, but it can also be as simple as clapping your hands or making similar noises.


Now you have an a basic understanding of the "Why",

below is a brief outline of the "How" - according to me anyway! :)

See also "Ritual Etiquette"





Casting a circle (Setting up a sacred space)



1.Set up 4 candles at each compass point just outside where the circle perimeter will be.

2.Set up the altar at the southern point, including food and drink, and light the incense.

3.Purify the water by placing the tip of the athame (or wand) into the water say the appropriate words.

4.Consecrate the salt by placing the tip of the athame (or wand) into the salt and say the appropriate words. Then tip the salt into the water.

5.Cast the circle (approx 3 feet in diameter) using the athame (or wand), slowly walking deosil (anti-clockwise, or "sunwise"). Say the appropriate words.

6.Formally make the presence of the elements known within the circle known by sprinkling the salt water (representing water and earth), around the perimeter walking deosil. Then like wise walk the circumference of the circle with the incense (Representing air), followed by the southern candle (Representing fire).


7. Call in the quarters. I do this my own way, it is very personal and not for sharing here, so I haven't listed my quarter calls. What it means however, it to acknowledge the powers/elements/guardians etc. from each cardinal point, and ask for their presence. I would use the invoking pentacle in the air at this point.



Invoking pentacle



The circle is now blessed and sealed by the elements, and ready for ritual.


The ritual itself will usually have a theme, a strategy to raise energy, and whatever else may be relevant for that circle.



To close the circle


To close the circle at the end of the ritual, I go to each compass point in turn and basically reverse the quarter call, thanking the powers/elements/guardians etc. for their presence.


I would use the banishing pentagram in the air at this point and snuff out the candle.


Banishing pentacle




When in circle with others, at the close of the circle, refreshments are offered with the words "May you never hunger" and "May you never thirst", to which is usually replied "Blessed be". (This is generally referred to as "cakes & ale)

Then some of the refreshments are offered to the earth.


Always respect the integrity of the circle, and if you need to leave it for any reason before finishing the ritual, you will need to "cut" a doorway to exit.




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