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The idea of four or five basic elements is found in many different cultures and spiritual traditions.  These are templates for the essences of life and existence. Air, Earth, Fire,  Water  are the most common and universal material elements. The fifth component is the unknown and essential element.  That which gives power and spirit, consciousness and life to the material and ethereal .


The element correspondences for the directional compass points of North, South, East, and West,  may be different here, than you have seen elsewhere. For example Earth is in the south, and Fire is in the North, in my notes. Often practitioners change around the elements to more closely correspond to the physical of their location. (ie. on the East coast of Australia water is physically in the east, in the form of the Pacific ocean). Others think more magickaly, and place the element correspondences according to the wheel itself (see my page on "Seasonal cycles" for more information). I am of the latter, as it makes more sense to me to remain in the "Magickal" way of thinking, and not be burdened by the restrictions of the physical, when there may be a more harmonious way.


There are also representations of the elements within the pentagram, as indicated above; but please note, in the above graphics, it is the right hand one that is the way I like to represent the elements in the Pentagram - the masculine correspondences (fire and air) are on the right side, and the feminine (water and earth) are on the left. This makes more sense to me. The left and centre graphics are an example of how  the elements may be placed by others.


In the eastern traditions of Feng Shui, the pentacle represents the elements of fire, wood, earth, metal, and water, and are either supportive or destructive in relation to each other. (see below graphic)




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The correspondences below are taken from  many different sources (Including my own). 

Their definitions are minimal, subjective, and in no way represent totality.




There are not a lot of words spoken about Spirit because of its nature. It includes and unifies Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It is the source of the other four elements, and the four elements make up all that exists on the physical plane. It is beyond time and space. In other words, it is akin to the energy of the Divine. It is both a receptive and projective element and encompasses both aspects of the male and female. Ether is the outward expansion of the universe, and also the inward pull of a black hole. It represents both organization and chaos, and it is this energy that brings the "idea" of life. Spirit is the animating force omnipresent, and abundant. It permeates everything and fills the "empty" places it embodies the life force and wisdom of ALL. Spirit is energy, and it is eternal in essence. We often limit our awareness to the  physical world, and may be consciously unaware of the  the spirit world, which is the invisible template  of the physical and the source of the substance of  creation. In mundane terms the Spirit is invisible because it is of a different frequency than we permit ourselves to notice.


Spirit is the realm of the potential, of things not yet manifested. It brings promise and hope. Spirit is not normally used in spells, as it would "scatter" the magickal energy raised. For instance, say you wanted to do a spell to increase the passion in your relationship. The more symbols you have in your ritual that are associated with love and sex, the more powerful your spell will be; it helps to alter your consciousness. Therefore, you would want to invoke a love Goddess like Aphrodite for example, rather than use the generic term "Goddess". Likewise, it would be more efficient to use Fire rather than Spirit. The more specific, finely tuned spells are, the more successful they will be. Spirit is sometimes called upon during ritual in order to align or disassemble the other elements. Generally speaking it is not used for any natural magick in particular, but it should always be recognized during ritual. Spirit gives us the hope of a new day, new world, new life, and new tomorrow. Not knowing leaves infinite possibilities. Spirit is used in all magick, meditation, healing, change, foreseeing the future, creation, Some define  Spirit as Deity or source.


 The two most common symbols used for spirit are the upright pentagram (which represents, among other things, the four elements being governed by the fifth, Spirit). and the 6 sided star. My preference is for the six sided star, as it clearly unites the other four elements via their triangle symbols. Spirit is often called by many different names, Akasha, Ether (or aether), soul, chi, vital spark, orgone, etc.



Symbol: Pentagram or six sided star made of 2 overlapping triangles (the symbol commonly referred to as the "Star of David")

Direction: Center, Up & Down, In & Out

Gender: Both or none
Gods: Akasha, Iao, JHVH
Goddess: Isis, Shekinah
Colours: White, Black, silver, and sometimes clear or purple

Magickal Phrase: To Be
Season: The whole Wheel of the year
Time: All time, Beyond time, One time
Tools: Cauldron & Pentagram
Trees: Flowering Almond and Eucalypts
Herb: Mistletoe

Metal: Meteoritic
Animal: Sphinx

Elemental spirit:

Point of the pentagram: Top

Types of Magick: Religious

Chakra: The crown Chakra and the Emerging chakra such as the thymus -spiritual heart and those found above the physical body are  

                   strongly oriented to spirit  as is the heart chakra the throat chakra and the brow chakra and the hara.

Stones & Gems:  Purple stones and crystals, . Gem Silica, clear gems, clear crystals quartz, selenite, etc.) and pearly, opalescent, irridecent 

                                     glowing  rainbow filled stone of all kinds  mysterious stone with stars and nebulae and glitters and depth  what stone is not in

                                     some way a stone of spirit after all  this is the element of essence of binding together and of  sacred wisdom and light  nothing

                                     is outside of spirit.

Tattva Shape: Ovoid or ellipse represents  space, the void , the universe , the womb, the cosmic egg ,new life ,understanding , female or yin


Tattva symbol











Earth Correspondences

"Tapping into our power to manifest change, look deep, and ground ourselves"



Earth, is the most physical of the Elements is the element of Stuff. Solid Material. Earth is the element that is most stable and dependable. It represents abundance, prosperity, and wealth, and is creative but in a practical, physical manner. Earth  sustains all life and is the foundation  on which the other elements rest. The normal everyday activities for Earth  are, walking, eating, sleeping, work, focus and determination, diversity, and inner strength; It enhances the ability to  move from dreams to reality.

Earth is the Mother,

Earth is the element of strength, prosperity, growth, and stability. It is a receptive element which means that it is governed by the female aspect. This is usually why it is called "Mother Earth". Earth represents growth and the commitment it takes to make things grow. It is stable, nurturing, calm and understanding, a reservoir of  great wisdom and knowledge. Earth is the element of the body, growth, money, creativity, birth, death, material gain, fertility, birth, healing, rocks, trees, animals, manifestation, materialization, crystals, silence, metal, empathy, grounding, employment, stability, success,  strength, practical wisdom, mystery, gardening. 


It is a slow and methodical element, and when you use Earth in your rituals you will find that the energy is very smooth and brings lasting results. We use the pentacle to represent Earth in ritual and it is usually placed in the Souththern part of the circle. The pentacle represents the five points of fellowship in Wicca, and also the five outer points of the body (i.e. two outstretched hands, head, and two outstretched legs). Stones and crystals fall under the element of Earth. They are good examples of how with time Earth can bring such beautiful and magnificent creations. Earth is also used for grounding. Sometimes after ritual there is excess energy that we do not use and we need to send this energy back to nature. Earth is the element we use to send this excess energy back. By grounding, we officially close our circle, and this helps to keep unknown energy from being attracted to us. Simply go outside, take off your shoes, stand on grass or dirt and visualize roots growing from beneath your feet into the ground. Use this technique whenever you feel spiritually uneasy or if you just encountered a very draining situation. It will help to ground the situation and the energy drain will be cut off. Earth is an element of beauty, and it deserves your utmost respect. Planting rituals can be one of the most beautiful rituals performed. It shows true dedication and commitment to the Earth, and should give you an idea of how slowing down to enjoy life is absolutely necessary. How you see the world around you is a direct indication of how others see the inner you.


Symbol: Downward pointing triangle with horizontal line through the middle

Direction - South
Gender - female
Gods: Adonis, Cernunous, Dionys, Herne, Pan

Goddess: Rhiannon, Gaia, Demeter
Colors - brown, black, green
Magickal phrase - to keep silent
Season - winter
Time - midnight
Tools - pentacle, crystals, stones

Tree - Oak

Herbs - Patchouli, Vetivert, Mosses

Metals - Iron, Lead
Animals - bull, sphinx, bear, dog, horse, cow, ants
Elemental spirit - gnomes

Point of pentagram - Lower left

Types of magick - fertility, tree magick, herbs, prosperity, runes, knot magick, growth, nature, animals, all matters relating to money, thankfulness


Stones / Gems - Emerald, Peridot, quartz, amethyst, onyx, jasper, azurite, and many more

Tattva - Yellow square





Earthy Tarot Major Arcana

Empress, Hierophant (high priest), Hermit, Devil, world

And the entire Tarot Minor Arcana suit of Pentacles is attributed to Earth.

The Pentacles suit is sometimes named Coins or Disks, depending on the deck.




Tattva symbol




















Air Corrospondences

"Create and Breath inspiration into our new beginnings"



The element of air is associated with thought, intellect, mental processes, the mind and  Creativity.  Air is also associated with higher consciousness and wisdom, divination, and purification,  concentration, prophecy, visualization, wind magic, karma.In the Negative aspect it is associated with flightiness and unpredictability .

Circle represents Air , thought, and is used  to enhance ones ability to visualize and discriminate. Meditation on circles activates the subconscious mind brings about greater ability to discriminate ,concentrate and communicate.   
Air is the Elemental force of  mind,  mental and psychic work,  intuition,  knowledge,  abstract thought,  wind, breath,  clouds,  inspiration,  hearing,  purification,  freedom,  truth,  instruction,  telepathy,  memory,  learning the secrets of the dead,  zen meditation,  new beginnings,  illumination,  essential qualities,  spiritual plane,  knowledge,  abstract learning,  theories, windy or high places,  breath, speech.
Astrological Signs - Gemini,  Libra,  Aquarius , Projective. 


Symbol - Upward pointing triangle with a horizontal line in the middle

Direction - East

Gods -

Goddesses -

Colours - yellow, light blue

Magickal phrase - To know
Energy - Projective, pro-active
Qualities - hot and moist, light and active
Season - Spring
Time - dawn
Tools - athame, wand, incense

Metal - Tin, Copper, Aventurine,  Jasper, Mica

Trees -

Herbs - Acacia, Anise, Aspen, Benzoin, Clover, Dill, Frankincense,  Lavender, Lemon grass, Myrrh,  Pine,  Primrose, Vervain,  Violet, Yarrow

Animals - eagle, human

Elemental - Sylphs
Point on the Pentagram - Lower right
Types of magick - Recovering lost or stolen items, the four winds, visualization, concentration, education, travel, investigations, beginnings, feather magick

Chakra -

Stones / Gems - Aventurine, Topaz, Mica, Fluorite, Crystals, Amethyst, yellow or blue stones, Quartz crystal with cloud like inclusions

Tattva - Blue circle



Airy Tarot Major Arcana

Fool, magician, lovers, justice, star

And the entire Tarot Minor Arcana suit of Swords is attributed to Air.


Tattva Symbol













Fire Corrospondences

"Firing up the changes we want to make"


Fire is the element of change, will and passion. In a sense it contains within it all forms of magick, since magick is the process of change. It is both physical and spiritual, being related to sexuality and to divinity. Fire magick is quickly manifested and filled with primal energy. It is also associated with Heat, Anger, passion. Fire magick can be frightening. The results manifest quickly and spectacularly. It is not an element for the faint-hearted. However, it is the most primal and for this reason is much used.  it is also the spark of divinity which shines within us and all living things. The triangle  represents Fire, meditate on this symbol  to intensify and clarify desire, creativity, prosperity, magnetism and  to develop the right brain.

Rules -Energy, sexuality, passions, love, authority, transformation, purification, candle flames, sun, blood, healing, destruction, will, creativity, flame, heat, bonfires, hearth fires, protection, courage, strength, physical exercise, self-knowledge, loyalty, vision, illumination, power Magick involving Time , Storms , Fire and  candles
 Direction - South Astrological Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Colors - Red, gold, crimson, orange, white Season - Summer Time - Noon Energy - Projective, masculine Gemstones - Red jasper, bloodstone, garnet, lava, quartz crystals, ruby, carnelian, tigers eye, rhodochrosite, agates Metals - Gold, brass.  Plants - Allspice, basil, cacti, chile peppers, cinnamon, garlic, heliotrope, hibiscus, juniper, lime, mustard, nettle, onion, orange, red peppers, red poppies, thistle, almond tree Animals - Lions, lizards, salamander, snakes, praying mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, shark, phoenix, coyote, fox Tarot Suite- Wands
Goddesses - Brigit, Freya, Hestia, Pele, Vesta ,Sekmut Gods - Vulcan, Ra, Hepaetstus, Horus


Direction - North

Archangel - Michael
Gods - Vulcan, Haphaestus

Goddesses - Brigid, Persephone, Hestia
Colors - red, orange, gold, crimson
Magickal phrase - to will

Moon phase - Waxing
Season - summer
Time - Noon
Tools - wand, athame; lamp, scourge

Metals - Gold & Brass

Tree - Almond

Herbs - Garlic, hibiscus, mustard, nettle, onion & red peppers, cinnamon, red poppies, stinging, thorny / hot plants such as thistle, chilli peppers

               and bouganvillea, desert-dwelling cacti, coffee beans.

Animals - lion, serpent, dragon

Elemental spirit - salamanders

Point of pentagram - Upper Left
Type of magick - sex, healing, candle magick, force, energy, life, will, destruction, purification, change

Chakra -

Stones /Gems - fire Opal, red or fiery as in jasper, volcanic as in lave, clear as in quartz crystals, carnelian, rhodochrosite & agates.

Tattva - Red Triangle



Fiery Tarot Major Arcana

Emperor, strength, wheel of fortune, temperance, tower, sun, judgement

And the entire Tarot Minor Arcana suit of Wands is attributed to Fire.

The Wands suit is sometimes named Rods, Staves, or Batons, depending on the deck.


Tattva Symbol













Water Correspondences

"Riding the waves of our dreams and emotions, reflect and receive"

Moon represents Water, This symbol increases the ability to feel , meditation with this form can bring greater self reflection sensitivity and receptivity toward others. It is associated with the subconscious mind, intuition, and emotions. As the primal substance of life, it is symbolized by the womb and is related to fertility.

Water is the element of love, peace, purification, the subconscious mind, love, healing and the emotions. It is a receptive element which means that it is governed by the female aspect. Water to most people represents love, but actually water governs all emotions. Just the same as water itself, emotions are best dealt with if they are allowed to simply flow on their own. Water is fluid, constantly changing, flowing, from one level to another, so too are our emotions in a constant state of flux. Water is the element of absorption and germination. Allowing a relationship to come in naturally will have a much greater chance of success.


When you call upon Water in your rituals, you will find that it has a smooth, calming effect. Its energy is crisp, cool, and refreshing. It tends to have a ripple vibration which means that its effects are long lasting but can have a few waves here and there. Water tends to have an initial impact, and then it slowly dissipates. Relationships are generally brought into your life so that you may experience the many different feelings of the heart. These feelings are very important when it comes to understanding love, compassion, and empathy. Water is also a giving element, and it usually gives unconditionally. Any gift of love should usually come with no strings attached. We use the cup to represent Water in ritual and it is usually placed in the western part of the circle. Water teaches us to feel on an inner level, and this is why Water is usually associated to intuition. Using this inner intuition almost always leads to success, and it a crucial aspect of gaining faith and self-confidence.


The subsconscious symbolized by this element because it is rolling, always moving, like the sea which rests neither night or day.


Water rituals include bathing, baptizing, cleansing, and purification. Perfumes are a perfect example of a small Water ritual. We generally accept that spraying scented water upon the skin tends to attract others. Other rituals include having a home sprinkled with blessed Water, spaying oneself with charged Water to restore energy vibrations, and soaking in a charged bath to draw in or release energy. Water has many uses, your body itself is made up of ninety-eight percent Water, so be creative when you call upon this energy.


When your cup is full, have a drink in honor of life.




Direction - West

Archangel - Raphael
Gods -
Dylan, Ea, Manannan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna

Goddesses - Aphrodite, Isis, Mariamne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya
Colors - blue, green, grey, indigo
Magickal phrase - to dare

Moon phase - Full
Season - Autumn
Time - dusk
Tools - chalice, cauldron, mirror

Metals - Mercury, Silver, Copper

Tree -  Willow

Herbs - Flowers, Water lily, Lotus

Animals - Dolphins, Fish, Dragons

Elemental spirit - Undines

Point of pentagram - Upper right
Type of magick - mirror magick, purification, healing, divination, dream magick, astral projection, love, friendship, spirituality, imagination

Chakra -

Stones /Gems - Aquamarine, Amethyst, blue tourmaline, pearl, coral, blue topaz, blue flourite, lapis lazuli & sodalite.

Tattva - silver cresent



Watery Tarot Major Arcana

High priestess, chariot, hanged man, death, moon

And the entire Tarot Minor Arcana suit of Cups is attributed to Water.


Tattva symbol







Elemental Cauldrons


The cauldron represents, among other things, the "fifth" element Spirit, and symbolizes inspiration, rebirth, illumination, and rejuvenation.

Elemental cauldrons can be used many ways. Use a Fire cauldron with saltpeter (potassium nitrate and/or sodium nitrate), to cast a circle. Use the mists of an Air cauldron for an initiation. Dissolve away hate, prejudice, and negative self-images, with a Water cauldron. The Earth cauldron is ideal for indoor grounding and Beltane rites.

You can use elemental cauldrons to decorate the centre of the circle during Lesser Sabbats. An air cauldron at a Spring rite creates a misty, magickal quality for the ceremony. In Summer, the cauldron will flash and spark. A blue flame burns mysteriously within the Water cauldron during the Autumn festival. Throughout Yule, the Earth cauldron burns steadfast and constant. During Moon rites, when magick is done, write down the purpose of the working on paper and toss it into the burning cauldron while chanting.

A working cauldron should be cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle. Season your cauldron before using it for the first time. Pour in generous helping of salt and lighter fluid, slosh it up to the rim and wipe dry. Remember to place a burning cauldron on a fireproof surface.

Earth Cauldron

Layer salt, wax shavings, three powered or ground herbs, lighter fluid, and ivy leaves in the cauldron while focusing and chanting. Use a candle to light it. When the smoke starts to roll, extinguish the cauldron by putting the lid on.

Air Cauldron

Using tongs, put a chunk of dry ice in a small glass or ceramic bowl and place the bowl on a cloth in the bottom of the cauldron. Allow the cauldron to smoke as long as the ice lasts. The mists create excellent images for scrying.

Fire Cauldron

Cover the inside bottom with dirt or sand to dissipate heat. Light incense charcoal and add either saltpeter for flame and spark or flash powder for a different but spectacular effect. To assist in releasing or firing off peak energy, try using flash "bombs". Make a small pocket in a piece of paper, fill with flash powder, and tie with thread. The "bomb" should be about the size of your smallest fingernail. The results are spectacularly bright, so use the powder sparingly. Don't look directly at the flash as you drop the "bomb" in the cauldron.

Water Cauldron

At least seven days before the ritual, place equal quantities of three appropriate herbs in a pint glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with "Everclear" (200 proof alcohol), cap tightly, and shake gently while concentrating on the purpose of the ritual. Add a chant if it feels right. Let the jar rest in a dark, warm spot and shake twice daily, charging with purpose. Before the ritual, place a fireproof ceramic or glass bowl in the cauldron. Pour in the herb mixture, being careful none spills into the cauldron. Light with a candle to produce a beautiful blue flame.





Visualization of the Elements

Look to the warm caress of the newborn Sun, as it rises, fresh and full of hope for a new day. The wind brushes softly through your hair, caressing your cheek, as you stand on the precipice. Before you yawns a chasm, waiting for a leap of faith. You know that only through carrying complete trust in your heart and soul can you cross this distance. Resembling The Fool of the Tarot, you comprehend that the wisest person is often the one who is without preconceived limitations, and is therefore open to all that the universe can bestow. Here is the knowledge that only by dropping barriers and giving yourself over to the universe, can you spread your wings and learn to soar.

In the South you find the heat of the noonday Sun. Shining brightly, it warms you with its fiery passion. Its energy courses through your veins, driving you to dare...and to dance. In the distance, lava pours down the side of a volcano as Pele watches. A hibiscus flower in her hair joins with her glowing smile as a reminder of the beauty of renewal. A butterfly flits by, freshly transformed. Like the snake, coiled nearby in a circle, here we learn that all must suffer in order to grow. The dead must be cut away to make room for the new life and only by shedding your skin can you become free.

You sit on the beach, calmed by the ocean...pacific. Waves make soft soothing sounds on the edges of your perception. The beauty of the sunset transfixes you as the water laps softly at your toes. Mother ocean cleanses away the stresses of your day. Away goes the fatigue and the fear, leaving only contentment and love. The feeling here brings to mind a picture of Kuan Yin seated on a lotus blossom, holding a vial containing the tears of humanity. In her pose of royal ease, she is ever ready to go to any who need her. She reminds you that compassion is necessary for understanding of yourself and of others. Thoughts of peace extend out to those across the waters, as an inner tranquility fills you.

It is dark in the forest and probably nearing midnight. All is quiet except for the hoot of an owl in the distant shadows. You snuggle closer into the gnarled trunk of the old willow tree, as its strength supports your back and its roots cuddle you close. The umbrella of the leaves above you protects you and offers you a safe place to stay and rest for a while. You meld and join with the tree, remembering all the creatures that have lived and died here, playing out the circle of life again and again. Your roots reach deep into the earth, keeping you grounded and secure. Your trunk is strong enough to support you and yet flexible enough to bend when outside forces twist and pull upon you. Your branches reach out to the heavens, finding joy in the presence of their distant glow. The connection from earth to sky flows through you, and here you finally understand the connectedness of all existence. Here you know that you are never alone. Here all are one.


Sensuous Elements Guided Meditation

Close your eyes and relax. Begin breathing slowly and deeply, letting your rib cage fill completely. With each breath in, feel it becoming full with life. As you breathe in, pull in pure, white, clean energy. Let it spread slowly out from your lungs, emanating throughout your entire body. As you breathe out, breathe out all the tension and scattered energies of your day. With each breath in, breathe in relaxation. With each breath out, breathe out stress. Breathe in trust. Breathe out fear. Breathe in love. With each breath, fill yourself with the divine energy that connects us all.

Let your consciousness turn to the East. See yourself atop a mountain watching the bright yellow of the new sunrise in the distance. It is a crisp spring morning and the cool; dampness in the air surrounds you. It caresses you softly...flowing through your hair, brushing against your skin. Feel the energy surrounding you as your clothes softly gather and swirl around you. It holds the newness of the dawn and all the infinite possibilities of the day head. As you watch, the day extends to become weeks...months...years...millennia...a vast expanse of pure potential.

This is the land of East - the land of air, the land of thought and reason. The home of new beginnings, it is also where your imagination lies. Here you breathe life into your dreams and start them on their way to reality. Here you find the truth and knowledge that you need to make them happen. Here you find the hope and happiness that you feel when they blossom in their fullness.

Feel the wind blowing as its potential swirls around you. Gather it in, bringing it into your body.

East, Air, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

Now you turn your thoughts to the South and the land of Fire. The vision in your mind's eye slowly shifts and changes. You find yourself in Hawaii, surrounded by lush, beautiful flowers and plants. It is summer and the sun is hot above you in the noonday sky. Far off in the distance, you see hot molten red of lava pouring down the side of a volcano. Even at this safe distance, you can feel the heat of its glow on your skin. You stand transfixed, watching as it flows ever forward, re-shaping reality with its power. Without thought or preconceptions, it brings about change as it simply follows its own nature. Yes, it brings destruction, but without hate or malice. And in time, the opening that it creates will be filled by extraordinary beauty.

This is the land of South - the land of fire, the land of passion and energy. Here, we find transmutation as the old is burned away to make room for the new to grow. Here lies the intense pain of death and intense pleasure of rebirth. Here lies the fires of our loins and the "little death" of orgasm. Fire consumes us. Fire transforms us. Fire drives us to explode with ecstasy.

The heat of fire radiates throughout your body as you feel the warmth of it upon your skin and within your loins. Welcome it, knowing that it will take away the old fears and pains. Let it open you up to the sacred beauty of your own passions reborn.

South, Fire, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

As the day winds onward toward dusk, you turn to the West. You find yourself walking down to a beach. The cool air swirls around you as it fills with the crispness of autumn. At the water's edge, you welcome the cooling relief as you walk in the surf. The waves refresh and soothe you. So tranquil. The salt air buffets your clothes around you, stirring up memories of all that has gone before. The ocean stretches before you; the mother of all creation. As the sun sets, you gaze out over her clear blue expanse. She is the womb of the earth, from which all of us were born. She nurtures you. She nourishes you and all the children of her creation. Her vast calmness holds you, astounding you with her seemingly endless beauty. Sailors have traveled this same ever-enduring water for centuries. How many billion times have the drops of water she holds been evaporated to fall as rain or snow before slowly winding their way from creek to river to finally join together again in her comforting arms?

This is the land of the West - the realm of Water. Here lies emotions and the release from them. Here lies tranquility and peace. Here the Water softly soothes away even those things that Fire cannot burn. It takes its own time and moves on it's own schedule, as it slowly wears away layer after layer. Here disasters become pebbles and problems become sand.

Let the water wash over you, soothing you, holding you in the embrace of the Great Mother. Invite her tranquility to join you, bringing her cleansing and peace.

West, Water, I welcome you. Blessed Be!

As the sun sets and the Earth moves on toward winter, you seek sanctuary in the mountains, where you find yourself surrounded by a forest. You settle down near the base of a huge, gnarled oak. Leaning backwards against the trunk, the tree cradles you in a nook between its large roots... a custom fit that feels like "home". Stretching out above you, the branches of the tree offer you shelter and protection. Roots reach beneath you, offering sustenance and strength. Under you and all around you, the Mother Earth is alive with life. Even in the quiet darkness that falls as you near midnight, you feel comforted by her support. You know the Earth lives onward as birth, death, and rebirth continue, carrying out cycle after cycle. Reach down and feel the sweetness of her stability, knowing that she is always there. She has been here since before this ancient tree was but a tiny acorn and she will be here long after these branches have one day rotted away. She holds true and steady to her course as all else moves and changes around her. Here you may rest a while in her safety and where will be the renewed energy you need when you are ready to move on.

This is the land of the North - the home of Earth. Here lies strength and stability. Here the World is firm under you, creating a foundation upon which you may build and work. Here you find the endurance and the responsibility required to sustain creation. Here your dreams become cathedrals and your visions blossom into verdant gardens.

Feel the earth firm under your feet. Invite her strength to flow up through you as she joins you. May she bring security and stability to your work and to your life.

North, Earth, I welcome you. Blessed Be!


The Witch's Square was briefly mentioned by a basic magick course I once took online. The course said the Witch's Square is "often referred to in magickal teachings", and that it is an "archaic system not used very often today though in the past it was used as a symbol for a coven or as a personal symbol". I had never heard of it before or since. No other website or book I have read mentions it, and the teacher of the course said they had no additional information on its origins. Anyway, I am presenting this idea here (greatly expanded upon) in case someone else finds it interesting. (No, I'm not breaking any oaths by doing this.) If anyone has more information on the Witch's Square (whether its origins, historical or practical application), please email me.



The Witch's Square

The Witch's Square is an equal-armed cross. Each line, point, and quadrant corresponds to the four magickal elements. Single words or phrases representing the elements are placed on the points. The lines or the quadrants are coloured to match the four element colours. Icons (such as the four elemental alchemical symbols, the Tetragrammaton, four runes corresponding to the elements, etc.) may also be placed in the quadrants.

The Witch's Square can be likened to a family crest. It is a depiction of what the elements mean to you personally, to be used as a personal symbol and/or for meditation.

When designing your own Witch's Square, choose four concise phrases or four single words that represent each element, which have deep meaning for you. They should be words that evoke a sense of mystery and magick in you. The four things together should also be of the same "type". For example, you wouldn't choose "eagle" for Air and "to dare" for Fire; you would want to go with animals or Powers of the Sphinx for every element.

Colour either the lines or the quadrants with the four element colours. Choosing between lines or quadrants is a matter of personal preference. Select four icons and place them in the centre of the quadrants.



This is the template for the Witch's Square:























And here are two examples of phrases and words to use for the points:






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