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"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change". - Buddha




I am very passionate about plants. I am a horticulturist, and just love anything to do with the natural environment. This will always be an ever growing section of a variety of information about herbs. Everything from basic botany & plant properties, cultivation & Storage, to medicinal & magickal uses; including pictures, traditions and mythology. I have added some excellent links to other websites for detailed information on herbs.


Below is a quick reference list of magickal Properties of herbs, flowers, plants, trees, fruit & nuts. Also included are tips on Herb cultivation and drying, and herbal grimorie. On the "Herbal body" and "Herbal home" pages, you will find Tips, recipes, and tools for natural living.



Also see other herbal correspondences by clicking here.







Herbs and their Magickal Properties

Acacia - exorcism, banishing, money, love
Adam and Eve Roots - attract love, happiness
Adder's Tongue - healing
African Violet - protection, promote spirituality
Agaric - (TOXIC) encourage fertility
Agrimony - protection, banish negative energy/entities, reverse spells, break hexes
Ague Root - protection, break hexes
Alfalfa - abundance, prosperity, money
Alkanet - repel negativity, attract prosperity
Allspice - money, luck, healing
Almond - prosperity, success in business ventures
Aloe - protection, luck, money, repel evil
Althea - protection, psychic power, attract good spirits
Alyssum - protection, calm anger
Amaranth - healing, protection
Anemone - health, protection, healing
Angelica - protection, exorcism, remove curses and hexes, healing, visions
Anise - sleep, protection, repel evil, purification, call in good spirits
Apple - love, healing, garden blessing
Apricot - love
Arabic Gum - purification, spirituality
Arbutus - exorcism, protection
Asafoetida - purification, protection, exorcism
Ash - prosperity, protection, healing, love
Aspen - protection
Aster - love
Avens - exorcism, love, purification
Avocado - beauty, love, lust

Bachelor's Buttons - love
Balm of Gilead - protection, healing, love
Bamboo - protection, luck, break hexes, wishes
Banana - prosperity, fertility, potency
Banyan - luck, happiness
Barley - healing, protection, love
Basil - exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, wealth
Bay - psychic powers, protection, healing, purification, strength
Bean - love, protection, exorcism
Beech - creativity, wishes
Beet - love
Belladonna - (TOXIC) visions, astral protection
Benzoin - purification, prosperity
Be-Still - (TOXIC) luck
Birch - purification, protection, exorcism
Bistort - fertility, psychic powers
Bittersweet - (TOXIC) protection, healing
Black Cohosh - courage, love, protection, potency
Black Hellebore - (TOXIC) invisibility, exorcism, astral projection
Black Snakeroot - love, lust, money
Blackberry - healing, protection, prosperity, money
Bladderwrack - psychic powers, protection, money
Bleeding Heart - love
Blessed Thistle - protection, animal healing
Bloodroot - (TOXIC) love, purification, protection
Bluebell - luck, truth
Blueberry - protection
Blue Flag - (TOXIC) money, wealth, success in business
Bodhi - wisdom, fertility, protection, meditation
Boneset - protection, exorcism
Borage - courage, psychic powers
Bracken - protection, healing, fertility, prophetic dreams
Brazil Nut - love
Briony - protection, money
Bromeliad - protection, money
Broom - (TOXIC) protection, purification, divination
Buchu - prophetic dreams, psychic powers
Buckeye - luck, divination, money, wealth, prosperity
Buckthorn - protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Buckwheat - protection, money
Burdock - protection, healing

Cabbage - luck
Cactus - protection
Calamus - (TOXIC) luck, protection, healing, money
Camellia - prosperity, wealth, luxury
Camphor - healing, divination
Caper - lust, love, potency
Caraway - protection, lust, healing, mental powers, repel negativity
Cardamon - lust, love
Carnation - protection, strength, healing
Carob - protection, health
 Carrot - fertility, lust
Cascara Sagrada - protection, money, legal matters
Cashew - prosperity, money
Castor - (TOXIC) protection, repel negativity
Catnip - love, beauty, happiness, power, courage
Cat Tail - lust
Cedar - healing, purification, money, protection
Celandine - joy, protection, happiness, escape, legal matters
Celery - lust, psychic powers, mental clarity, concentration
Chamomile - purification, tranquility, money, sleep, love, luck, meditation
Cherry - love, divination
Chestnut - love
Chickweed - love, fidelity
Chicory - favours, frugality, remove obstacles
Chili Pepper - fidelity, love, break hexes
China Berry - (TOXIC) luck
Chrysanthemum - protection
Cinchona - protection, luck
Cinnamon - prosperity, success, spirituality, healing, lust, protection, love, psychic powers, passion
Cinquefoil - money, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams
Citron - healing, psychic powers
Cloth-of-Gold - animal communication
Clove - protection, exorcism, purification, love, money, mental clarity
Clover - success, protection, money, exorcism, love, fidelity, consecration
Club Moss - protection, power
Coconut - purification, protection
Coltsfoot - love, psychic visions, healing, wealth, prosperity
Columbine - courage, love
Comfrey - healing, safe travel, money
Copal - love, purification
Coriander - love, health, healing
Corn - divination, protection, luck
Cotton - luck, healing, protection
Cowslip - youth, healing
Crocus - love, visions
Cubeb - love
Cuckoo-Flower - love, fertility
Cucumber - healing, fertility
Cumin - exorcism, protection
Curry - protection, exorcism
Cyclamen - fertility, protection, happiness, lust
Cypress - healing, protection, comfort, longevity

Daffodil - love, luck, fertility
Daisy - love, lust
Damiana - divination, love, lust, sex magick, dreams, visions, psychic powers
Dandelion - purification, divination, wishes, calling spirits
Date Palm - potency, fertility
Datura - (TOXIC) protection, sleep, break hexes
Deerstongue - lust, psychic powers
Devil's Bit - love, protection, luck, exorcism
Devil's Shoestring - protection, luck, gambling, power, employment
Dill - protection, money, love, lust
Dittany of Crete - manifestations, astral projection
Dock - money, healing, fertility
Dodder - love divination, knot magic
Dogbane - love
Dogwood - protection, wishes
Dragon's Blood - power, protection, exorcism, potency, love
Dulse - harmony, lust
Dutchman’s Breeches - love

Ebony - protection, power
Echinacea - strengthening spells, health
Elder - protection, exorcism, healing, prosperity, sleep
Elecampane - love, protection, psychic powers
Elm - protection, love
Endive - love, lust
Eryngo - peace, love, lust, traveler’s luck
Eucalyptus - healing, protection
Euphorbia - (TOXIC) protection, purification
Eyebright - joy, psychic powers, mental clarity

Fennel - protection, exorcism, healing, purification, virility
Fenugreek - prosperity, wealth, money
Fern - protection, luck, riches, health, exorcism
Feverfew - protection
Fig - divination, fertility, love
Figwort - protection, health
Flax - luck, money, protection, purification, beauty, psychic powers, healing, health
Fleabane - exorcism, protection
Foxglove - (TOXIC) protection
Fragrant Bedstraw - love
Frankincense - exorcism, purification, protection, spirituality
Fumitory - money, exorcism
Fuzzy Weed - love

Galangal - protection, legal matters, lust, health, money, psychic powers, break hexes
Gardenia - love, peace, healing, spirituality
Garlic - protection, healing, health, exorcism, lust
Gentian - power, love, break hexes
Geranium - health, love, protection, fertility
Giant Vetch - fidelity
Ginger - love, money, success, power
Ginseng - longevity, sexual potency, protection, healing, love, lust, wishes, beauty
Goat's Rue - healing, health
Goldenrod - prosperity, money, divination
Goldenseal - money, healing
Gorse - protection, money
Gotu Kola - meditation
Gourd - protection
Grain - protection
Grains of Paradise - love, lust, luck, money, wishes
Grape - mental clarity, money, fertility
Grass - psychic powers, protection
Ground Ivy - divination
Groundsel - health, healing

Hawthorn - happiness, fertility
Hazel - luck, fertility, protection, wishes
Heather - luck, protection
Heliotrope - (TOXIC) exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth
Hemlock - (TOXIC) astral projection, diminish libido, power, purification
Hemp - healing, love, visions, meditation
Henbane - (TOXIC) love
Henna - healing, health, love
Hibiscus - love, lust, divination
Hickory - legal matters
High John the Conqueror - (TOXIC) strength, confidence, health, love, money, success, happiness,

break hexes
Holy Thistle - purification, break hexes
Holly - protection, luck, dream magic
Honesty - money, protection
Honeysuckle - protection, money, psychic powers
Hops - healing, sleep
Horehound - exorcism, healing, purification, protection, mental clarity, balance
Horse Chestnut - (TOXIC) healing, money
Horseradish - exorcism, purification
Horsetail - fertility
Houseleek - love, luck, protection
Huckleberry - protection, luck, dream magic, break hexes
Hyacinth - love, protection, happiness
Hydrangea - break hexes
Hyssop - healing, protection, purification

Indian Paint Brush - love
Iris - purification, wisdom
Irish Moss - luck, money, protection
Ivy - protection, healing (See also ground ivy)

Jasmine - divination, love, money, prophetic dreams
Job's Tears - luck, wishes, healing
Joe-Pye Weed - love, respect
Juniper - protection, love, exorcism, health

Kava Kava - lust, protection while traveling, astral projection, visions, luck
Knotweed - health, binding spells, protection

Lady's Mantle - love
Lady's Slipper - protection
Larch - protection
Larkspur - protection, health
Lavendar - protection, call in good spirits, love, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace, healing
Leek - exorcism, love, protection
Lemon - purification, love, friendship, longevity
Lemon Balm - love, success, healing
Lemon Verbena - protection, purification, love, power
Lemongrass - psychic powers, mental clarity, lust
Lettuce - love divination, sleep, protection
Licorice - love, lust, fidelity
Life-Everlasting - health, healing, longevity
Lilac - exorcism, protection, purification
Lily - protection, exorcism, repel negativity, truth, break love spells
Lily of the Valley - (TOXIC) mental clarity, happiness
Lime - healing, love, protection
Linden - healing, protection, luck, love, sleep
Liquidamber - protection
Liverwort - love
Lobelia - (TOXIC) healing, love
Loosestrife - peace, protection
Lotus - protection, spirituality
Lovage - love, attraction
Love Seed - love, friendship
Lucky Hand - protection, luck, money, travel, employment

Mace - psychic powers, mental clarity
Maguey - lust
Magnolia - fidelity
Maidenhair - beauty, love
Male Fern - luck, love
Mallow - love, protection, exorcism
Mandrake - (TOXIC) potency, exorcism, protection, fertility, money, love, health
Maple - money, longevity, love
Marigold - prophetic dreams, protection, legal matters, psychic powers
Marjoram - protection, love, happiness, health, money
Masterwort - protection, strength, courage
Mastic - psychic powers, lust
May Apple - (TOXIC) money
Meadow Rue - love, divination
Meadowsweet - love, divination, peace, happiness
Mesquite - healing
Mimosa - love, protection, prophetic dreams, purification
Mint - exorcism, protection, money, lust, healing, travel
Mistletoe - (TOXIC) healing, protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism
Molukka - protection
Moonwort - love, money
Morning Glory - (TOXIC) peace, happiness
Moss - luck, money
Mugwort - astral projection, strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing
Mulberry - protection, strength
Mullein - exorcism, health, protection, courage, love divination, calling spirits
Mustard - fertility, protection, mental clarity
Myrrh - spirituality, purification, protection, healing, exorcism
Myrtle - peace, money, love, youth, fertility

Nettle - exorcism, protection, healing, lust
Nutmeg - protection, money, health, luck, fidelity, break hexes
Nuts - fertility, prosperity, love, luck

Oak - protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck
Oats - money
Oleander - (TOXIC) love
Olive - healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, lust
Onion - exorcism, healing, protection, purification, money, prophetic dreams, lust
Orange - love, divination, luck, money
Orange Bergamot - prosperity, success
Orchid - love, psychic powers
Oregon Grape - money
Orris - divination, protection, love, prosperity, money

Pansy - love, divination
Papaya - protection, love, wishes
Papyrus - protection
Parsley - purification, protection, lust
Passion Flower - peace, sleep, friendships prosperity, increase libido
Patchouli - money, fertility, lust, break hexes
Pea - money, love
Peach - exorcism, love, fertility, wishes, longevity
Pear - love, lust
Pecan - money, employment
Pennyroyal - exorcism, consecration, strength, protection, peace
Peony - exorcism, protection, purification
Pepper - exorcism, protection
Peppermint - purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers
Pepper Tree - protection, purification, healing
Periwinkle - (TOXIC) protection, money, love, lust, mental clarity
Persimmon - healing, luck
Pilot Weed - protection
Pimento - love
Pimpernel - protection, health
Pine - protection, exorcism, money, healing, fertility
Pineapple - luck, money
Pipsissewa - money, calling in good spirits
Pistachio - breaking love spells
Plaintain - protection, healing, strength
Plum - protection, love
Plumeria - (TOXIC) love
Poke - (TOXIC) courage, break hexes
Pomegranate - divination, luck, wealth, wishes, fertility
Poplar - money, astral projection
Poppy - fertility, love, sleep, money, luck
Potato - healing
Prickly Ash - love
Primrose - protection, love
Purslane - protection, love, happiness, luck, sleep

Quassia - love
Quince - protection, love, happiness

Radish - protection, lust
Ragweed - courage
Ragwort - protection
Raspberry - healing, visions, protection, love
Rattlesnake Root - protection, money
Rhubarb - health, protection, fidelity
Rice - protection, money, fertility
Roots - protection, divination, power
Rose - beauty, protection, purification, love, psychic powers, healing, divination, peace
Rose Hips - healing, luck, call in good spirits
Rosemary - exorcism, protection, purification, healing, love, lust, mental clarity, sleep, youth
Rowan - protection, success, psychic powers, healing, power
Rue - exorcism, protection, purification, break hexes, health, mental clarity, healing
Rye - love, fidelity

Saffron - love, lust, healing, strength, happiness, psychic powers
Sage - purification, protection, wisdom, longevity, wishes
Sagebrush - exorcism, protection, purification
St. John’s Wort - (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, courage, strength, happiness, health, love, divination
Sandalwood - protection, exorcism, purification, wishes, healing, spirituality
Sarsaparilla - love, money
Sassafras - money, health, healing
Scullcap - peace, love, fidelity
Senna - love
Sesame - money, success in business, lust
Shallot - purification
Skunk Cabbage - good fortune, legal matters
Sloe - exorcism, protection, banish negative energy/entities
Snakeroot - money, luck, break hexes
Snapdragon - protection, break hexes
Solomon's Seal - love, exorcism, protection
Southernwood - love, lust, protection
Spanish Moss - protection
Spearmint - healing, love, mental clarity
Spiderwort - love
Spikenard - health, fidelity
Squill - protection, money, break hexes
Star Anise - psychic powers, luck
Stillengia - psychic powers
Straw - luck
Strawberry - love, luck
Sugar Cane - love, lust
Sumbul - psychic powers, love, luck, health
Summer Savory - mental clarity and strength
Sunflower - wisdom, health, wishes, fertility, happiness
Sweetgrass - calling in good spirits
Sweetpea - strength, courage, friendship

Tamarind - love
Tamarisk - exorcism, protection
Tansy - healing, health, longevity
Tea - strength, courage, prosperity, riches
Thistle - exorcism, protection, healing, strength, break hexes
Thyme - purification, courage, healing, health, psychic powers, sleep
Ti - protection, healing
Toadflax - protection, break hexes
Tobacco - (TOXIC) healing, purification, offerings
Tomato - protection, prosperity, love
Tonka - (TOXIC) courage, love, money, wishes
Tormentil - protection, love
Trillium - love, luck, money
Tulip - protection, prosperity, love
Turmeric - purification
Turnip - protection, endings, banish negativity

Uva Ursa - (TOXIC) psychic powers

Valerian - protection, purification, love, sleep
Vanilla - love, lust, mental clarity
Venus Flytrap - protection, love
Vervain - sleep, protection, purification, love, money, peace, healing
Vetivert - love, luck, money, break hexes
Violet - protection, healing, love, lust, luck, wishes, peace

Wahoo - (TOXIC) courage, success, break hexes
Walnut - health, mental clarity, wishes
Wax Plant - protection, power
Wheat - money, fertility
White Willow Bark - healing, blessings, binding
Wild Plum - healing
Willow - protection, healing, love, divination
Wintergreen - protection, healing, break hexes
Winter's Bark - success
Witch Grass - exorcism, happiness, love, lust
Witch Hazel - protection
Wolf's Bane - (TOXIC) protection
Wood Betony - love, purification, protection
Wood Rose - luck
Wood Sorrel - healing, health
Woodruff - protection, money, victory
Wormwood - (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, love, psychic powers, calling spirits, protection while traveling

Yarrow - healing, divination, exorcism, protection, courage, love, psychic powers
Yerba Mate - love, lust, fidelity
Yerba Santa - protection, healing, psychic powers, beauty
Yew - (TOXIC) raising the dead
Yohimbe - (TOXIC) love, lust
Yucca - protection, purification, transmutation


Quick Index of Herbs

Common name (Which may get you the wrong plant!) and Botanical name (No mistake there!)


agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria
alder, common Alnus flutinosa
almond Amydalus communis
angelica, wood Angelica sylvestris
apple Pyrus malus
apricot Prunus armeniaca
archangel Lamium album
arrow-grass Triglochin palustre
arum Arum maculatum
asasrum Asarum auropaeum
ash Fraxinus excelsior
asphodel Narthecium ossifragum
asparagus Asparagus officinalis
aspen Populus tremula
auricula Primula auricula
barberry Berberis vulgaris
barley Hordeum distichon
bean Faba vulgaris
beech Fagus sylvatica
beet Beta maritima
betony, wood Stachys betonica
bindweed, field Convolculus arvensis
birch, knotty Betula pendula
birch, white Betula alba
birthwort Aristolochia clematitis
bishop's weed Aegopodium podagraria
blackberry Rubus fruticosus
blackthorn Prunus spinosa
borage Borago officinalis
boxwood Buxus sempervirens
bramble, common Rubus fruticosus
buckthorn, prickly Rhamnus catharticus
bulrush Scirpus lacustris
burdock Arctium lapa
cabbage Brassica oleracea
campion, red Lychnis diurna
caraway Carum carui
carrot Daucus carota
cat tail Typha latifolia
cat tail Typha latifolia
celandine, common Chelidonium majus
centuary Erythraea centaurium
chamomile, common Anthemis nobilis
charlock Sinapis arvensis
chase-the-devil Nigella damascena
cherry tree Prunus cerasus
cherry, bird Prunus padus
cherry, wild Prunus avium
chervil Anthriscus cerifolium & vulgaris
chervil, great Myrrhis odorata
chestnut Castanea vesca
chickweed Stellaria media
chives Allium schoenoprasum
cicely, sweet Myrrhis odorata
cinnamon Laurus cimmamonum
cinquefoil Potentilla reptans
clarysage Salvia verbenacea
cloudberry Rubus chamaemorus
clover, hare's foot Trifolium arvense
clover, red Trifolium pratense
clover, white Trifolium repens
clover, yellow Trifolium minus
colt's foot Tussilago farfara
columbine Aquilegia vulgaris
comfrey Symphytum officinale
coriander Myrrhis sativum
cork-tree Quercus suber
cowslip Primula veris
cranberry Vaccinium ocycoccos
crocus, saffron Crocus saticus
crow-berry Empetrum nigrum
crowfoot, bulbous Ranunculus bulbosus
crowfoot, celery-leaved Ranunculus scleratus
crowfoot, creeping Ranunculus repens
crowfoot, upright meadow Ranunculus acris
crowfoot, water Ranunculus aquatilis
cuckoo flower Cardamine pratensis
cucumber Cucumis sativus
currant, black Ribes nigrum
currant, red Ribes rubrum
currant, white Ribes album
cypress, common Cupressus sempervirens
daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus & jonquilla
daisy Bellis perennis
dead-nettle, white Lamium album
deer's hair Scirpus caespitosus
dill Anethum graveolens
dittany Origanum dictamnus
dock Rumex crispus
dogwood Cornus sanguinea
dulse Phodymania palmata
elder Sambucus nigra
elecampane Inula helenium
elm Ulmus campestris
eyebright Euphrasia officinalis
fennel Foeniculum vulgare
fern Filices
fern, adder's tongue Ophioglossum vulgatum
fern, adder's tongue Ophioglossum vulgatum
fern, bladder Cystopteris fragilis
fern, common brake Pteris aquilina
fern, green Asplenum adiantum nigrum
fern, hard Blechnum spicant
fern, hart's tongue Scolopendrium vulgare
fern, holly Polystichum lonchitis
fern, lady Athyrium filix-foemina
fern, maidenhair Adiantum capillus-veneris
fern, male Lastrea filix-mas
fern, oak Polypodium dryopteris
fern, royal Osmunder regalis
fern, rue Asplenium ruta-muraria
fern, shield Polystichum aculeatum, lobatum & angulare
fern, stone Polypodium vulgare
fern, sweet mountain Lastrea oreopteris
fig Ficus carica
flax Limun usitatissimum
flax Linum catharticum
flixweed Sisymbrium sophia
foxglove Digitalis purpurea
foxglove Digitalis purpurea
foxtail grass Alopecurus geniculatus
fumitory Fumaria officinalis
furze Ulex europaeus
garlic, crow Allium vineale
garlic, wild Allium ursinum
gentian Gentiana campestris
gentian, red Erythraea centaurium
gilly-flower Cheiranthus cheiri
gilly-flower, sea Cakile maritimum
golden rod Solidago virgaurea
Good King Henry Chenopodium bonus-henricus
gooseberry Ribes grossularia
goosefoot, white Chenopodium album
gorse Ulex europaeus
grape Vitis vinifera
groundsel Senecio vulgaris
hawthorn Crataegus oxyacantha
hazel Corylus avellana
hellebore, green Helleborus viridis
hellebore, stinking Helleborus foetidus
hemlock Conium maculatum
hemlock, water Cicuta virosa
hemp Cannabis sativa
henbane Hyoscyamus niger
holly Ilex aquifolium
holly, sea Enyngium maritimum
honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum
hops Humulus lupulus
horehound, white Marrubium vulgare
hornbeam Carpinus betulus
horseradish Armoracia rusticana
hound's tongue Cynoglossum officinale
hyssop Hyssopus officinalis
iris, yellow flag Iris pseudacorus
ivy, english Hedera helix
ivy, ground Nepeta glechoma
juniper Juniperus communis
laburnum Cytisus laburnum
ladies' smock C Cardamine pratensis
Lady's fingers Anthyllis vulneraria
Lady's Mantle, common Alchemilla vulgaris
Lady's Mantle, common Alchemilla vulgaris
larch Pinus larix
laurel Laurus nobilis
laurel Laurus nobilis
lavender Lavendula officinalis
lavender Lavendula officinalis
leek Allium porrum
lemon Citrus lumonum
lichen, lungwort Stricta pulmonacea
lilac Syringa vulgaris
lily of the valley Convallaria majalis
lime tree Tilea europea
linden Tilea europea
liverwort Marchantia polymorpha
loose-strife Lysimachia vulgaris
loosestrife, purple Lythrum salicaria
lords and ladies Arum maculatum
lovage Ligusticum scoticum
lovage, common Ligusticum officinale
love-lies-bleeding Amaranthus caudatus
madder Rubia tinctorum
maple Acer campestris
marigold, marsh Caltha palustris
marjoram Origanum marjorana & vulgare
marshmallow Althea officinalis
meadow rue Thalictrum minus
meadowsweet Spirea ulmaria
meadowsweet Spirea ulmaria
melon Cucumis melo
milkwort Polygala vulgaris
mint, garden Mentha viridis
mint, horse Mentha sylvestris
mint, water Mentha aquatica
mistletoe Viscum album
mistletoe Viscum album
mistletoe Viscum album
mold Mucedo
monkshood Aconitum napellus
moonwort Botrychium lunaria
moss, bog Sphagnum
moss, fir club Lycopodium selago
moss, Irish Chondrus crispus
mountain ash Pyrus aucuparia
mugwort Artemesia vulgaris
mulberry Morus nigra
mullein Verbascum thapsus
mushroom Agaricus
mushroom, boletus Boletus bovinus
mushroom, devil's snuffbox Lycoperdon giganteum
mushroom, puffball Lycoperdon gemmatum
mushroom, tinder soft Polyporus betulinus & fomentarius
mushroom, truffle Tuber cibarium
myrtle Myrtus communis
myrtle, bog Myrica gale
nettle Urtica urens & dioica
nightshade, deadly Atropa belladona
oak Quercus robur
oak, holm Quercus ilex
oats, wild Avena sativa
onion Allium cepa
orange Citrus aurantium
orchis, fragrant Orchis conopsea
  Amydalus persica
pear, wild Pyrus communis
pellitory Anthemis pyrethrum
pellitory, wall Parietaria officinalis
pennyroyal Mentha pulegium
peony Paeonia officinalis
pimpernel Anagallis arvensis
pimpernel, yellow Lysimachia nemorum
pine, pitch Pinus picea
pine, Scots Pinus sylvestris
pine, Weymouth Pinus strobus
plantain Alisma plantago
plantain Plantago major
plum, damson Prunus damascena
plum, wild Prunus domestica
pomegranite Punica granatum
poplar Populus alba
poppy Papaver rhoeas
poppy, opium Papaver somniferum
potato Solanum tuberosum
primrose Primula vulgaris
primrose, winter Primula polyanthus
privet Ligustrum vulgare
quince Pyrus cudonia
radish Raphanus raphanistrum
ragged robin Lychnis flos-cuculi
raspberry Rubus idaeus
reed grass Arundo phragmites
rhubarb, monks' Rumex alpinus
ribwort Plantago lanceolata
rock-rose Helianthum vulgare
rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis
Rowan Pyrus aucuparia
rue Ruta graveolins
rush, common Juncus conglomeratus
rush, sweet Acorus calamus
rush, wood Luzula sylvatica
rye Secale cereale
saffron Crocus saticus
sage, garden Salvia officinalis
sage, garden Salvia officinalis
sandalwood Santalum album
sanicle, wood Sanicula europaea
savin Juniperus sabina
savory Satureia hortensis
saxifrage, golden Chryosplenium oppositifolium
saxifrage, meadow Saxifraga granulata
Scots' broom Cytisus scoparius
sedge, cotton Eriophorum vaginarum & polystachyon
self heal Prunella vulgaris
shallot Allium ascalonicum
shepherds purse Capsella bursa-pastoris
silverweed Potentilla anserina
sloe Prunus spinosa
soapwort Saponaria officinalis
sorrel, common Rumex acetosa
sorrel, mountain Oxyria reniformis
sorrel, sheep's Rumex acetosella
sorrel, wood Oxalis acetosella
southernwood Artemesia arbotanum
sow-bread Cyclamen hederaedolia
spearwort Ranunculus flammula
spinage Spinacia oleracea
spindle tree Euonymus europaeus
spruce Abies communis
spurge Euphorbia helioscopia
spurge, petty Euphorbia peplus
spurge, sea Euphorbia paralias
St John's wort Hypericum perforatum
stonecrop Sedum acre
strawberry, wood Fragaria vesca
sweet-briar Rubus rubiginosa
sweet flag Acorus calamus
sycamore Acer pseudo-platanus
tansy Tanacetum vulgare
tansy, white Potentilla anserina
thistle, corn Carduus arvensis
thistle, marsh Carduus palustris
thistle, Mary's Carduus marianus
thistle, melancholy Carduus heterophylus
thistle, spear Carduus lanceolatus
thrift Armeria maritima
thyme Thymus serpyllum
tormentil Potentilla tormentilla
trefoil, bird's foot Lotus corniculata
tulip Tulipa sylvestris
turnip Brassica rapa
valerian Valeriana officinalis
vervain Verbena officinalis
violet, bog Pinguicula vulgaris
violet, dog Viola canina
violet, sweet Viola odorata
wake robin Arum maculatum
wall flower Cheiranthus cheiri
walnut Juglans nigra
water-cress Nasturtium officinalis
water-pepper Polygonum hydropiper
water lilly, white Nymphaea alba
wheat Triticum aestivum
whitethorn Crataegus oxyacantha
wild mustard Sinapis arvensis
willow, common Salix aquatica
willow, common Salix aquatica
willow, osier Salix viminalis
willow, osier Salix viminalis
willow, weeping Salix babylonica
willow-herb, mountain Epilobium montanum
wind flower Anemone nemorosa
woad Isatis tinctoria
woodbine Lonicera periclymenum
woodruff Asperula odorata
wormwood, common Artemesia absinthium
woundwort Stachys sylvatica
yarrow Achillea millefolium
yew, common Taxus baccata

Flower & Herb Drying


Air Drying:

Air-drying can be very successful with herbs, everlastings and ornamental grasses. Choose perfect plants with long stems, removing the lower leaves. Put the flowers in small bunches, fastening them together with a rubber band; then open each bunch into a fan shape. Hang the flowers head down from nails in a dry, dark place for one to three weeks until they are completely dry. The colours will usually be muted. Display your flowers in the house or store them as above. This method works with roses as well. Cut the stems off to the very bottom of the rose head, and carefully insert a 6-8" length of wire. Hang upside down by bending the end of the wire over a hanger and place in a dark dry closet where it won't be disturbed. One hanger can accommodate several flowers, just space them apart a bit. 


* TIP *Try storing dried roses heads in a cardboard egg carton. They stay upright and don't get squashed. The natural holes in the carton helps with ventilation and you could sprinkle a small amount of silica gel in the bottom of the carton to help keep humidity out.


A Word on electronic dehydrators:

I borrowed one of these devices from a friend to check out before forking out hundreds of dollars for one of my own. It did a fantastic job, and did dry the herbs in a few hours. I didn't like the energy it used to accomplish the job though. I will stick to more traditional methods, and I am about to create my own air dying box. Will let you know how it goes.....


Herbal grimoire


* Agrimony *
Agrimony for matrimony, perfect herb for the “couple” soon to Hand fast. Place a red sachet fill with Agrimony and place between the mattress of lovers to ensure a long relationship/marriage. Agrimony belongs to the element Air, also used for protection spells. Agrimony has also long been used to reverse spells sent against the magician. Used in “sleep” sachets, place under pillow for a “deep” rest. Beltane herb.


* Allspice *
Whole Allspice “berries” hold a wonderful sent of cloves. They look & feel like wood berries or beads. A very vitalizing spice, they are perfect for health amulets. Put out a dish of Allspice in a sick person’s room to uplift. Promotes determination and energy.


* Angelica (root)*

Protection, Exorcism. Grow in gardens as a protection, Carry the root with you as an amulet. Burn the dried leaves in exorcism rituals.


* Anise *

Protection, Purification. A good, general cleansing bath is made with a handful of Anise seeds and a few Bay leaves. A pillow of Anise keeps away nightmares.


* Balsam Fir Needles *

Balsam fir OR The Silver Fir is associated with the moon and with the planet of Jupiter. This tree belongs to the triple aspect Goddess in Celtic lore, offering learning, choice and progress. The tree is sacred to many Goddesses. Silver Fir is used for magic involving power, insight, progression, protection, change, feminine rebirth, and birth.

The wood chips or needles are sometimes used as incense and carry a sweet forest scent, these can be burned right on charcoals or mixed with other herbs as an incense mix. Balsam/Silver Fir is the quintessential Yule tree. Its branches can be used as decorations at Yule time either as wreaths or as garland, where it will provide protection for the household and its occupants.


* Basil *

Purification, Protection, Love, Money. Add to money incense, put a pinch of Basil in four corners of you home at the start of each season to bring prosperity your way. It is said that if you grow Basil in your garden, yell and scream at it, to make a strong plant.


* Bay Leaves *

Protection, clairvoyance, purification, healing. Burn the leaves to induce visions. Wear as an amulet to ward off negativity. Burn and scatter on the floor to purify area. Make a dream pillow of Bay, and put under your bed pillow to induce inspiration and prophetic. For the best power do this with the full moon in "Scorpio". Write a wish on a "bay leaf" with "dragons blood ink" for a powerful out come.

* Black Salt *

"Black Salt" is used in banishing and binding rituals. Great for bothersome neighbors. Magically used to remove negative energies from items. Often used to remove hexes and other harmful or negative energies. Cleanse your magical implements in a bath of black salt and water... and then wash in a bath of sea salt to purify the item and allow in only positive energies.

A PERFECT ingredient for filling "Binding Poppets" for a powerful outcome. Place a black candle in a pile of black salt for Samhain Remembrance rituals, sprinkle Ouiji Boards with Black Salt before use.

* Bearberry Leaves *

Magical uses: Use in amulets for animal magic, animal shapshifting. Burn like sage leaves to honor Celtic Gods & Goddess. Burn with meditation incense to heighten one's psychic powers. Sprinkle powder leaves on shoes to take you to your true love. Wonderful little leaves for spellcrafting in candles, around candles on altar. These small, sturdy, elongated leaves are up to approximately 2cm long.

* Caraway *

Protection, Passion. Add to love sachets and charms to attract a lover (physical sense) Carry the seeds to strengthen memory. Especially powerful to "Gemini's". This herb is where Rye bread gets it's smell.


* Catnip *

Chewed by warriors for fierceness in battle. Large dried leaves are powerful markers in magical books. Give to your "familar" (cat)to create a psychic bond with the animal. Use in spells for "courage"


* Chamomile *

Meditation, relaxation Prosperity. Use in prosperity charms to draw money. Burn as a relaxation incense for meditation. Make a tea with one tablespoon of Chamomile to 8 oz of water, and drink to relax or induce sleep. Sprinkle about room to calm the energy. Add to a pouch & hide in mattress to calm fighting couples.


* Cinnamon *

Prosperity, Passion, Healing. Use in spells for prosperity. Will stimulate and excite the passions of the male. Mix with Myrrh for a good general propose incense. Tie 3 Cinnamon sticks together with a white ribbon and hang on front door of business to bring customers.


* Devils Shoestring (root) *

To attain & keep employment, gain control at your work environment. Good luck for job search. Power in the work place, Employment.


* Dragons Blood (resin) *

Energy, Protection, purification. You will know if you have the real thing, if it burns pinkesh/red smoke. Used in the Drudic ritual "The Pelan Tan" during "Samhain". Put a pinch in with your magical tools, to keep unwanted eyes away. Use in "binding" spells to resemble human blood.


* Elder Flowers *

Sacred to the "White Lady" and midsummer solstice. The Druids used it to both bless and curse, Burn at "Beltane" to comfort the Fae. These small tiny yellowish flowers carry a strong pundgunt smell.


* Frankincense(tears, resin)*

Grown in the Middle east. when a "Frankincense tree is cut" the sap makes 'tears", hence the name. Burn to raise vibrations, to purify your Magical working area. Burn during sunrise rituals of all kinds. Mix with Cumin for a powerful protective incense useful for all general workings. There is NOTHING that smells like it, soapy, sensual and the smoke is thick and white.


* Hawthorn Berries *

Also known as the May tree, the Hawthorn tree is sacred to the Druids. The small berries are wrinkled and red and perfect for adding to your Beltane altar for May day offerings. Add to amulets for power & strength of the ancient Druids.


* Hops *

Wonderful in healing sachets and incenses. A pillow of the dried white to gold "fruit" like buds, helps bring on sleep. String a bunch of the fresh buds and hang in bedroom of sick person, for inprovment in health.


* Jasmine *

Good luck in love and wealth. Aphrodisiac. Alleviates depression, and tension. Raises self-esteem. Opens the heart chakra and stimulates clarity of thought. Enables one to lucid dream, when it is used before sleeping. Mix with Lavender for the ultimate Dream Pillow.


* Juniper Berries *

Used with Thyme in Druid incense for visions. Juniper berries strewn at the door discourages thieves. The mature berries can be strung and hung in the house to attract love. Crush berries in a mortar to release their "pine filled" aroma, mix with cedar or pine needles for a wonderful "Winter Solstice incense" burn on charcoal tabs.


* Lavender Flowers *

Love, purification. Used in love sachets and incense. Put 2 handfuls of "Lavender Flowers"into a square of cheese cloth and tie with a white ribbon use this aromatic "washcloth" in place of your usual one. Lavender was thrown into Midsummer fires by witches as a sacrifice to the ancient Gods. Also used as an insect repellent.


* Life everlasting Flowers *

Purify, protection. Use in charm bags to keep young. Burn at Midsummer to honor the maiden. Bundle flowers with white ribbons and put under pillow to give sweet dreams.


* Mandrake (Americian)(Mayapple)*

Place in the home for a powerful protective charm. The roots are used in image magic, as the American version (Mayapple) and the European version, resemble the limbs of humans. Grind and sprinkle in cupbords & Book of shadows to keep away prying eyes.


* Marigold *

Magical attributes include prophesy, legal matters, the psychic, seeing magical creatures, love, clairvoyance, dreams, business or legal affairs and renewing personal energy. Be sure to gather your Marigolds for magickal workings at noon. A fresh Marigold flower can be worn to court for a favorable outcome of a trial. If you place Marigold in your mattress, you will have prophetic dreams... and if you place it under your mattress it will make whatever you dream come true. Since the Marigold embodies the sun, it can make a person more attractive and confident. Add Marigold to your bath water to make this happen. A vase of fresh and bright Marigolds in a room brings a renewed surge of life to those in the room. The leaves can eaten as a salad and a yellow dye has also been extracted from the flower, by boiling.


* MiloBerries (Pink) *

These tiny berries are clustered on stems & about the diameter of a tomato seed. Bright HOT pink these berries are perfect for Faery magic, Friendships spells and Peace rituals.


* Mistletoe *

Protection, love. Wear as a protective amulet. A good anti-lightning charm.Extinguishes fires. Hang Mistletoe and kiss the one you want, hence "Kissing under the Mistletoe.


* Mugwort *

Clairvoyance, Scrying, Protection.
Rub this herb on "Magic Mirrors" and "Crystal balls" to strengthen their powers. Add to scrying, clairvoyance and divination incenses.
Use 3 tablespoons to 1\2 gallon spring (or rain) water
to cleanse your "Magical mirrors" crystals and stones. It is used in magic as a love-divining herb. To experience interesting dreams that are said to reveal one's future, stuff a pillow with about a pound of this herb and sleep on it. The Indians used a decoction of the leaves for colds, bronchitis, rheumatism, and fever, and a poultice for wounds. The fresh juice is used to ease the itch of poison oak. To cure a headache, stick a leaf up your nose.


* Mullein the "Candlewick Plant" *

A truly magical herb, this plants texture is like wool or cashmere, extremely soft and fuzzy. I just had to include a pic. Hope you can tell from the photo (scanned) just how textured it is. In the olden days folks would use the dried leaves as "Candlewicks", hence the name. The shape of the leaf resemble a candle flame. They burn similar to cotton. I use these leaves in "Remembrance Rituals" at Samhain. One is burned for each soul remembered. They burn quite unusual, as the flame creeps up the maine stem. " Nick name's Hag's tapers, Feltwort, Candlewick Plant. Carry to keep animals away from you in the woods. Wear to instill courage. The powdered leaves are know as "graveyard dust" and are acceptable to use when such is called for in old recipes". A must for a "witches garden"


* Myrrh (resin) *

Myrrh is used in magick for protection, peace, exorcism, healing, consecration, blessing, meditation and heightening spirituality. As an incense Myrrh can be used to help deepen mediation and to aid contemplation. Myrrh can be used in any ritual to the Goddess Isis, since Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the moon's sphere and is sacred to Isis. Myrrh can also be burned so that its smoke can purify and protect an area, and the smoke can also be used to consecrate and bless objects like rings, amulets, and ritual tools.


* Oak Moss *

A natural wonder, Oak Moss belongs to the element Earth, growing on barks of trees, with a gray suede like appearance. Use this sweet smelling “moss” in Prosperity spells, Gnome magic and spells to Mother Earth. Use in "Witch Bottles' for home & business. Oak Moss attracts Male lust, placing a sachet of Oak Moss in bra When MALE lover is near. A natural scent "fixative" use in incense blends and magical potpourri’s, it will help "hold" scent.


* Olive Leaves *

Healing, health & peace. The Olive leaf has long been used to symbolize peace, hence the saying “extending an olive branch in peace”. Use in spells to calm and quiet a quarreling home. Use after performing a house blessing or "spring" cleaning. Strew about home under doormats, corners of room’s etc. Add 9 Olive leaves to spring or rain water, soak for 3 days, strain and use as blessing water for house blessings, magic circles. Place olive leaves & wine in Chalice as altar offering.


* Passion Flower *

Passion flower is a vine and should be planted where it can climb. uses in protection and love magick. When Passionflower is used, it calms and brings peace to the home. You can sprinkle dried or fresh Passionflower over the doorsteps of your house or apartment to keep harm away. If you carry some of the herb in an amulet bag, you will make friends easier since it will work to increase your personal charisma making you more attractive and more likable. Place Passionflower in a dream pillow and it will help you get a good nights sleep. place it in power bundles and use in love spells to attract love. You can also burn it as an incense to promote understanding.


* Pennyroyal *

Put in the shoes to prevent weariness. Add to summer incenses and to prevent getting lost in the woods. Tie it to your bedpost for, not only does it keep mosquitoes away, but it is said to make one more aware and alert, and increase brain power Brings peace between husband and wife when kept in a small bowl on a table or a dresser in the home.
Carry Pennyroyal when traveling by water and never know the pangs of seasickness


* Rose *
Rose is known as *THE* herb of love. Add Rose bud petals to bath water to conjure up a lover. Put red Rose petals in a red velvet bag and pin this under your clothes to attract love - or you can wear Rosehips as beads to bring love to you. Rose oil and Rose incense are both used in love spells. If you wash your hands with Rose water before mixing love potions, the potions will be stronger.

Different color Roses have different meanings so you can use Roses to give someone a message magickally. These are what the different Rose colors mean:


~ Red ~ I love you
~ White ~ I love you not
~ Yellow ~ I love another
~ Moss ~ I admire you from afar
~ Pink ~ My love for you is innocent
~ Orange ~ I love you vigorously
~ Amethyst ~ I will love you forever
~ Wild ~ I love you because you are fair and innocent


* Rosemary *

Wear a chaplet of Rosemary to aid in the memory. A good protective sachet for boat and ship passengers. Make a fresh wreath of rosemary for protection, hang in the home. Burn Rosemary and Juniper for a recuperation incense. Use for remembrance in Samhain rituals.


* Sage (White) *

Burn to purify a ritual area or magical tools. Used as a main ingredient in "Smudgesticks" and "herb bundles". Put in with "Tarot" cards or "Runes" to protect and keep clean. Sage is used for fertility, longevity, wishes, wisdom, protection, money attraction, purification, healing, and health magick. Sage that is being gathered for magickal use should not be cut with a metal knife known as a Boline. It is said that if you eat Sage you will become more wise and also immortal. Sage is often an herb used at handfastings since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple. Sage can be added to almost any healing spell. A good healing amulet may be made by putting a clove of Garlic, a bit of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon, two pinches of Sage and one pinch of Saffron into a small blue bag. This bag can then be worn or carried to promote healing. Sage can be used for attracting money and for wish manifestations.


* St. Johns wort *

Depressed? see St. Johns wort. Now in many herbal remedies. Noted for its calming effect, valuable for nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and bedwetting. The oil has remarkable soothing and healing action when rubbed into painful joints and strained muscles. Celtic tradition held that the druids wore it in battle for invincibility. Burn to exorcise negative spirits. Make a tea with 1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water, for a strong antidote for depression.


* Thistle (Blessed) *

Thistle has great value in protection spells and also is used to bring spiritual and financial blessings. Thistle can be carried in an amulet bag for joy, energy, vitality, and protection - in fact men who carry Thistle become better lovers!. Thistle can be burned as an incense for protection and also to counteract hexing. Thistle powder can also be added to ritual baths to give added protection. Thistle can be grown in the garden to ward of those dreaded vegetable thieves, and a bowl of fresh Thistle will give off such good strengthening energies that it is the perfect thing to have in a sickroom.
Thistle is a wonderful material to use to make magick wands for spirit conjuring and magickal walking sticks. In England, the wizards of old were said to select the tallest thistle and use it as a wand or walking stick.


* Valerian *

Love, Harmony, Use in love spells and to keep fighting couples together. Use in a bath sachet for a calming effect. Valerian has been used to treat nervous tension and panic attacks
Use 1 tablespoon to 8 oz water for a calming tea. Wonderful for folks who suffer from "panic attacks".


* Wormwood *

Throw onto fires on "Samhain" to gain protection from bad spirits roaming the night. One of the major ingredients in "Absinthe" (see recipe) Burn in incense to raise spirits.


* Yarrow *

The witches herb. Love, Clairvoyance. Used in love sachets and marriage charms, as it has the power to keep a couple together happily for seven years. Worn as an amulet it wards of negativity. A tea made of1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water will enhance one's powers of perception. Held in the hand it stops all fear. The beautiful flowers are a welcome addition to any magical altar. Yarrow is nick named "A witches best friend".



Conversion chart for Oils

~ 1/8 fluid ounce = 1 dram = 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/8 teaspoon
~ 1/4 fluid ounce = 2 drams = 1 and 1/4 teaspoons or 1/2 tablespoon
~ 1/2 fluid ounce = 4 drams =1 tablespoon
~ 3/4 fluid ounce = 6 drams = 1 tablespoon plus 1/2 tablespoon
~ 1 fluid ounce = 8 drams = 2 tablespoons







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