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About Witchcraft

This section outlines a range of considerations, and background information on Witchcraft. I have included a section on Aboriginal dreaming, as I feel it is very relevant to understanding Witchcraft in Australia. Our indigenous people have at least 40 thousand years of knowing this country intimately, and it would be both ridiculous and discourteous of me not to acknowledge, and attempt to learn from those who truly know this land. I honour and deeply respect the wise, and hope some day to lift my ignorance through their guidance.


Often people who practice Witchcraft, and call themselves "Witches", don't really grasp the concept of it. It is not easy or fast, it isn't just spells and magick, and it isn't all light and fluffy. Balance is what it's all about. You can't have life without death, you can't have light without darkness, and you can't attain enlightenment without being grounded. Is never wise to ignore the less interesting or even frightening aspects of reality, and only focus on more pleasant ones. Those who really "get it", are those who understand that balance necessary for EVERYTHING. I advise you to always walk in the light, adhere to the Witches rede, and remember to acknowledge the "Yin" to every "Yang". Understanding and learning balance, will give you all you need to grow and nurture a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Please click on one of the links below to learn more about Witchcraft, and form your own opinions, so you may confidently walk your own path.


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