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"If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon." - Unknown















Casting a backyard circle under a full moon at twilight.Priestess in grove with animals.Athame and Chalice creating a starburst.Young girl, pulling a glowing bauble out of a treasure chest.

A golden horse galloping over a glassy plane.

animated background pent.

animated background pent.











I like these tarot deck - Osho-Zen, and tarot of dreams from



My "Wishlist" of books I want to read (No specific order)-

The looking glass universe, by F.David Peat

Synchronicity: The bridge between Matter and mind, by F.David Peat

Stalking the wild pendulum, by Itzhak Bentov

The Initiate's Book of Pathworkings: A Bridge of Dreams, by  DoloresAshcroft-Nowicki, & TamaraAshcroft-Nowicki  ISBN 157863119X

Drawing down the moon, by Margot Adler

Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, by Scott M Cunningham

Magical Herbalism: The Secret Craft of the Wise, by Scott M Cunningham

Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic, by Scott M Cunningham

Dreaming the Divine: Techniques for Sacred Sleep, by Scott M Cunningham

The White goddess, by Robert Graves

The golden bough, by Sir James Frazer

Isis unveiled, by Madam Blavatsky

The meaning of Witchcraft, by Gerald B.Gardner



  1. Evolutionary Witchcraft, T. Thorn Coyle
  2. The Three Selves and Astral Travel, Victor Anderson
  3. Initiation Into Hermetics, Franz Bardon
  4. Gnosis, Stephen Hoeller
  5. The Middle Pillar, Israel Regardie
  6. The Training and Work of an Initiate, Dion Fortune
  7. Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium, Lon Milo Duquette
  8. Modern Magick, Donald Michael Kraig
  9. Raja Yoga, Swami Vevekananda
  10. Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism, Charlotte Berney
  11. The Chicken Qabalah, Lon Milo Duquette
  12. Inner Temple of Witchcraft, Christopher Penczak
  13. The Gnostic Gospels, Elaine Pagels
  14. The green witch herbal, Barbara Griggs





Drawing down the moon (invoking the goddess)


“Silver faced lady, with bright starry gown

We ask that your light forever pours down

Down on the land bathed in your light,

And down on our circle on this sacred night.

Descend lovely lady, come to our rites

For magic we make on this sacred night.”



Invoking the god


“Great God, we ask you, return to our land.

Protect our magic rites with your powerful hands.

Horned one, we ask you, to show us the path

Guide us, and shepherd us

With your merry laugh

Be with us ever, all through our times

With music and laughter and song full of rhyme." 



Organic garden and Farm Recipes


Insecticidal Soap:

1 Gal H2O

2 Tbs Dish soap

2 Tbs Olive Oil


Mix together, spray top and bottom of leaves---KILLS APHIDS! Do not use in the heat of the day.



1 T baking soda, tsp liq.soap added to 1 gal H2o, use as above.


OR: buy and release lady bugs;

OR: plant nicotina, catnip and marigolds around veggie plants for natural repellant





Kill Brown Patch:

Sprinkle with baking soda, cider vinegar, diluted citrus oil, or NEEM; see also fungicidal recipe below.




To Kill Fire ants "Ant Death"!

1 Gal H20

1 T molasses

1 squeeze liq. Soap

6 oz (3/4 Cup) Citrus Oil

Stir up or chop off top of mound, pour mixture into mound, completely encircling it. Retreat as needed. Recipe can be diluted to 2 oz of citrus oil. Use a garden

fork to thoroughly mix ant mix into mound. Most mounds die immediately!



Fly Spray:

In spray bottle mix the following:

2 oz tea tree oil

2 oz glycerin

Fill to top with citronella/lemongrass



Fungicidal (black spot remedy)

In hand sprayer mix:

1-2 Tbs baking soda

1-2 Tbs soap

1-2 Tbs veggie or olive oil

Fill to top with water. Do not spray in the heat of the day.



Wound Salve

In crock pot melt 4 oz beeswax

When melted add 32-36 oz olive oil and

2-4 oz Neem oil

Add comfrey, calendula or lavender as desired.

(Or infuse herbs in oil prior to adding to wax)


Once well mixed, allow to slightly cool and put in jars.

Apply liberally to any skin/wound lesion on animals or people!











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