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The magical, mystical, wonderful Moon,

Lights the night sky with a silvery boon.


The subject of legend --- the scorn of the church,

She watches the Earth from Her heavenly perch.


And bathing us all with Her beauty and grace,

She beckons us forward into Her embrace.


For we are Her children --- yes, She rules the tides,

That flow through our bodies and swell and subside.


Giving courage to lovers and quickening the heart,

And ruling emotions of various sorts.


With whispers of magic and all in involves,

Bringing personal puzzles and riddles to solve.


For She is the Maiden, our Mother, the Crone,

With Her joy, care, and comfort, we're never alone.


And with every lunation that comes and that goes,

Our love for the Moon only surges and grows.




By - Dorothy Morrison




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