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Never believe that you are alone
  For the quiet in your soul
    Speaks only to you
      When no one else can interfere..

Never cease questioning
  For the mind needs sustenance
    It needs to challenge boundaries
      In order to thrive...

Never stop believing
  In yourself or in love
    For the heart beats passionately
      Longing to find another heart to beat in tune with...

Never stop loving

  For to do so
    Chains the heart and soul
      Leaving an empty husk...

Never stop dreaming
  For the soul needs nourishment,
    Needs to drink of life
      In order to live...

Rejoice in your aloneness
   And learn...
Indulge the ability of the mind to wonder
   And life will surrender its secrets...
Have faith and your heart
   Will beat strong...

Revel in your capacity to love
   And nothing is out of reach...
Cherish the ability to dream
   And your soul will take flight...

   Poem by  Joella Schulte





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