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The Lady


In ancient times, as civilizations developed, they sensed a Divine Power, and sought ways to understand and use this power. Imagine them studying the world around them, seeing the natural cycles of life and the seasons, becoming aware of the movements of the planets, and trying to understand. If they could understand these natural movements, if they could predict the cycles; then they knew when to plant and when to harvest. They could predict when the sow would be fertile, when the game would return, when to expect bad weather, and all sorts of vital information.

Initially, humans did not understand the relationship between sex and having children, only that women of the tribe could produce offspring, and because the first food gatherers and farmers were mainly women, the early creator Deities were female, and represented the earth. The lady is THE goddess, but she has many aspects, as outlined briefly below. She is invoked for receptive magick, and corresponds to earth and water.



Earth goddess (Commonly referred to as Mother Earth)

The Earth Mother can be seen as the primal force and the source of all life. She is the womb from which all life begins, and conversely, she is the tomb where all life returns. “The symbolism of the Goddess is not a parallel structure to the symbolism of God the Father. The Goddess does not rule the world. She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity.” - Starhawk.


Moon goddess (Commonly referred to as The triple goddess)

There are many ways the moon goddess is depicted, just look at the images on this page to see just a few! The Triple goddess usually consists of the maiden, mother, and crone. However, there are some Goddesses that embody the triple aspect within themselves. These include: Brigid (Ireland/Celtic), Carmenta or Carmentis (Roman), Hekate or Hecate (Greek/Anatolia), Helice (Greek), Kali (India), the Morrigan (Ireland/Celtic).

The triple goddess symbolizes the phases of the moon. Each of the aspects has it's own unique characteristics, making it quite distinct from the others, and each of them can be related to inner aspects of our psyche, as well as stages of our own lives, and the cycle of life in general. Almost every triple goddess symbol you see is the Northern hemisphere representation. The Southern Hemisphere triple goddess symbol should look like this:





See below for a more detailed look at the triple goddess.




The Maiden



The Maiden signifies youth, the springtime of life when all is in bloom, the excitement of the chase, and the newness of life and magick. In human age, she would be between puberty and her twenties. She is innocent in some ways, but also a seductress who recognizes the power of her sexuality. She has no mate. Maiden goddesses are often associated with flowers. She symbolizes birth. Maiden goddesses include: Persephone  (purity - and a representation of new beginnings), Brigid, Nimue, Anatha, Kore, Gerd, Caer, Blodeuwedd, and several others.


Rituals involving the Maiden:

New beginnings - starting a new home, educational path, job or project, creating new ideas, embarking on a journey.
Planning or beginning a complete turn-around/ phase or re-focus in your life.
The beginning of a new relationship, love, or friendship.
Youthful energy, and physical beauty.



Moon: Waxing
Season: Spring
Time: Dawn
Colours: White (purity), Soft and light pastels, soft pink, or light yellow etc.








The Mother



The Mother stands for nurturing, caring, fertility; she is a woman in the prime of her life and at the peak of her power. She protects her own and will ensure that justice is done and done well. This woman is usually mated. In human age, she would be seen as a woman in her thirties to mid-forties. Mother is ripe, full-breasted, at the peak of her womanly powers. She rears children and nurtures others. Mother is Life. She is the Madonna who tenderly rocks her baby, but she is also the lioness who hunts to feed her cubs and will fight to the death to protect them. Mother goddesses are often associated with grain. She symbolizes life. Mother goddesses include: Demeter (representing wellspring of life, giving and compassionate), Aa, Ambika, Ceres, Astarte, Anahita, Asherah, Coatlicue, Danu, Hathor, Ishtar, Isis, Lakshmi, Luonnotar, Nintu, Sheng-Mu


Rituals involving the Mother:

Project fruition and completion, and strength to see matters through to the end.
Preparing for childbirth, or seeking fertility.
Blessings, protection, and guidance in life decisions.
Marriages - existing or looking for, finding/choosing a mate or companion, and relationships/family matters
Gardening, and Choosing/accepting an animal, and protection of animal life.
Making choices of any kind, and gaining or continuing peace.
Developing intuition and spiritual direction.
Nurtureing, comfort, and mentoring



Moon phase: Full
Season: Summer
Time: Noon, Twilight
Colours: Red, green, copper, light purple or royal blue.





The Crone



The Crone is a being of age-old wisdom. She is shrew and counsels well. She cares for the Maiden and the Mother as well as the offspring thereof. She is logical and can be terrible in her vengeance. She stands at the door to the dimension of death. In human years, she is approximately 45 or older. The Crone is the most difficult of the three to place in human age. Crone is the benevolent grandmother you can count on for sage advice but she is also the Dark Goddess, a hag who can sometimes be frightening. Crone is the Reaper and Life-in-Death. In many ways she is even more powerful than Mother. There are no secrets from Crone, who is old age, experience, accumulated wisdom, and death. Crone goddesses are often associated with mills and cemeteries. She symbolizes death. Crone Goddesses include Hecate (wise, knowing, a culmination of a lifetime of experience), Annis, Baba Yaga, Cailleach, Greine, Takotsi, Toci, Hel, Maman, Brigitte, Oya, Sedna, Skuld, and others.


Rituals involving the Crone:

Ending relationships, jobs, friendships.
Menopause, or coming to terms with aging.
A regrouping of energies needed at the end of a cycle of activity or problem.
Rest and calmness before making new goals and plans.
When the garden or plants are ready for winter.
Harassment of any kind.
Retribution on rapists, murderers, abusers.
On the death of a person or pet.
Contemplation at the end of your own life cycle.
To understand the deepest of mysteries, wisdom, and hidden knowledge.
Any banishing, binding, ending.



Moon phase: Waning
Season: Autumn, Winter
Time: Midnight
Colours: black, gray, purple, brown, midnight blue




The new moon also fits in the triple goddess cycle, representing rebirth after the physical death of the crone. This is sometimes represented pictorially as a dark moon behind the three aspects of the maiden, as seen in the picture below.










          As the Maiden, I saw through your eyes as a child
          Spring rains, green forests, and animals wild!
          I saw you run freely on the Earth with bare feet!
          I watched as you danced in the winds, blowing free!
          I was there as you grew, getting stronger each day!
          I brought you rainbows, chasing grey skies away!
          I was there in your laughter - I was there in your tears!
          I was the acceptance you gained from your peers!
          I saw your first love and I felt your first blush,
          As passion first stirred in the night's gentle hush!
          I am there with you always in the fresh morning dew!
          I bring you the crispness of beginnings anew.

          As the Mother, I bore all the labor distress
          Of birthing your child, and I felt the caress
          Of your hand on the face of the new life so dear.
          I heard its first cry, and I eased your fear!
          I provided the milk which you fed from your breast
          Till the baby grew strong, and with health it was blessed.
          As she took her first step, I was there in your smile!
          I was there while you nurtured your beautiful child!
          On the first day of school, when the doors opened wide
          I was there in your fear - I was there in your pride.
          I am there with you always in the bright full of moon!
          I bring you fertility - abundance in bloom.

          As the Crone, I brought blessings of wisdom with age
          [Wisdom not found by the turn of a page].
          I was there as you taught the correct way to live:
          To love and to trust - to take and to give!
          I was there in the twinkle of your aged eye!
          I was there in your thoughts of the years flying by!
          I was there when you taught the Mysteries of old!
          I was there in the fire warming you in the cold!
          In the weariness of age, I was there with you, too...
          I brought well-deserved rest and peace unto you!
          I am there with you always in the darkness of night!
          I complete your life cycle, guiding you toward the light.

          Maid, Mother and Crone - We are all One -
          Yet We are all separate, as each role is done.
          We do not leave you - We're always there
          As you walk through this life with your worries and cares;
          As you dance in the spiral, We live inside -
          Deep in your spirit - where nothing can hide!
          No matter your path, no matter it's length -
          We give you courage and We give you strength.
          We are there to support you every hour of day
          And deep in the night, when dreams take you away.
          Our gifts We give freely, for you are our Child...
          Yes, We are the Lady:  Wise, Pure, and Mild!
          By Kalioppe, from



A final note on Southern Hemisphere triple goddess pictorial representation:

As stated at the beginning of this page, the triple goddess symbol we usually see is the Northern hemisphere representation. If the same rules are to apply to artwork for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, the maiden would be on the right, mother in the middle, and crone on the left, as seen below:



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