LX90 DIY Counter Weight set


I have to thank my dad & Jason, my brother in law for doing all the work here.

We started off with some aluminium stripping (20mm x 2mm) which I bent into shape and cut to length

We then marked and drilled the holes required to mount the plates onto the OTA.

In this picture, I used the original screws from the OTA but I was concerned that they were not long enough so I ended up replacing them with longer ones.

Close up view which shows the 2 U shaped aluminium extrusions cut to shape (just used a hack saw blade) and mounted on the plate.

The end result minus the weights

In the photo below you can see that I added a couple of small (~2mm long) countersunk screws at the end of the counterbalance rails to ensure that the aluminium extrusions do not separate.

The finished product. The weights were fabricated by my brother in law out of brass.