Titan Dimensions



The following diagrams show various measurements that I have made of my Titan in order to determine my pier height & observatory roof height as well as to help determine the location of the pier in an observatory. Perhaps they can be of use to someone?


The above image may not be of to much use but it shows you the size of the titan mount when compared to a 300mm (12") diameter cement pier. This size pier may be a bit of overkill for such a mount but I found it to me absolutely rock solid. It's better to over-engineer something than to under-engineer.

Note that the 900mm measurement above is from the pivot point of the mount to the top of my invisible ED80 guidescope.


Losmandy MAL

The measurements shown in the above image are for my observing site (latitude 33deg, 37min S).

There would obviously be some marginal difference for other latitudes.