Astronomy Links

Astrophotography - General
Jetstream over Australia The Jetstream is one of the primary causes of "bad" viewing and imaging conditions as it causes significant visual turbulence in the upper atmosphere. A fast Jetstream is the cause of the twinkling effect of stars. This site serves as a source for Astronomy enthusiasts who share a common goal of learning, sharing, and helping others in this wonderful science and hobby.  It centers on Meade products such as the DSI and LPI imagers, telescopes, and software.
Astrophotography - Webcam
Stephen Mogg Webcam Adapters Manufactures and sells an array of telescope adapters for webcams and other imaging devices.
K3's Astronomy Home of K3 CCD Tools image processing and capture software. Peter Katerniak's website contains a lot of very useful information on webcam astrophotography as well as on astronomy in general.
QCUIAG Yahoo Group An international group of astronomers producing astronomical images with unconventional electronic imaging devices such as modified webcams, video surveillance cameras and digital cameras.
coxellis astroimaging Website with useful information on modding a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 / 4000 to take long duration exposures. Astro Pages Website containing information on modding a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000
Jim's Unconventional Astronomy Welcome to my website about unconventional astrophotography. Like many others, I have enjoyed astronomy and observing the night sky. What makes my astrophotography unconventional is that my equipment is modest and exposure time is constrained due to the need to travel to dark sites.
Poor Meadow Dyke Observatory Steve Chambers' website dedicated to his myriad of hobbies including astronomy & designing long exposure mods for webcams.
Astronomy capable Webcam List Helpful list of webcams that have been evaluated for astronomical use

Meade LX90 / LX200GPS Information

Jan's LX90 Pages Janette Miller's excellent website which contains a huge amount of very useful information on Meade LX90's. Although specific to the older model LX90's (pre LNT), much of the information is still applicable to the newer model telescopes.
MAPUG Meade Advanced Products Users Group. Contains very detailed information on LX200, LX200GPS and other main stream Meade telescopes.  Has been somewhat superseded by various Yahoo Groups but still an excellent source of information.
Dick Seymour's Firmware Patches Repository for Disk Seymour's LX90 & LX200GPS/ACF Firmware upgrades

Astronomy Supplies & Retailers

The Binocular & Telescope Shop Specialising mainly in Meade equipment. A very helpful outlet offering reasonable prices. (AUS) Very good online shop (based in Qld). I have purchased from them and would have no problems recommending them. Very good service at reasonable prices. (AUS)
York Optical (Astronomy Online) Wide variety of brands & products. (AUS)
Astro-Optical Supplies Helpful, enthusiastic & knowledgeable staff. Sells Meade, Vixen, Coronado, Bauer, Orion, Saxon scopes & accessories (AUS)
Oceanside Photo & Telescope US based shop that sells a comprehensive range of scopes & accessories. Has a wide range of on-line information available to the public (US)
Andrews Communications Authorised dealers for Ba'ader, Celestron, Ferrari, Guan Sheng Optical, Long Perng, Lumicon,  Saxon, Skywatcher, Tasco, William Optics and many other brands. Very competitive prices.
Astronomics Another US based shop that lists a wide variety of scopes and accessories (US) (US)
Telescope Manufacturers
Meade Meade's official Website
Celestron Celestron's official Website
RC Optical Systems Ritchey-Chretein Optical Systems (RCOS) telescopes. Very high quality telescopes servicing both the amateur & professional markets. One can but dream.
Clubs & Societies
Hills District Astronomical Society A relaxed bunch of people who share a common interest in freezing their butt's off (at least in the winter  months) under a beautiful sky of stars
IceInSpace IceInSpace is a community website dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the southern hemisphere - including Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa and parts of Asia. We aim to help stargazers from around the world discover, discuss and enjoy the beauty of our night sky.
Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group The Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group, Inc. (WSAAG) is a group of fun loving amateur astronomers in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The club was founded as the Western Sydney Amateur Astronomical Group at a public meeting on the 22nd November, 1991.
Astronomical Society of NSW The Astronomical Society of NSW exists to bring together people interested in Astronomy and related sciences, and to promote public interest and education in Astronomy. The ASNSW provides members and the general public access to Astronomical observing facilities, educational lectures, and assistance in selecting, using and even building telescopes and related instruments.

Astronomy Magazines

Sky & Space  
Sky & Telescope  
Australian Sky & Telescope  
Personal Astronomy Websites
Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX Site Mike Weasner's website. Dedicated to all things ETX (as well a great amount of information which is relevant to LX series Meade telescopes as well).
Pete's Astronomy Pages Informative website with some useful tutorials and information specific to astro-imaging with a Meade LX90.
Stephen P Hamilton Astronomy Very impressive website focusing on astro-imaging with Meade DSI-Pro III. Many informative articles and beautiful photos.
General Astronomy General space & astronomy website
BBC Science & Space BBC Website providing information and links regarding space, astronomy, sci-fi & the paranormal. Includes link to Sir Patrick Moore's monthly episode of "The Sky at Night".
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews A website containing reviews on an extensive range of telescopes & telescope accessories.
Astronomy Software / Downloads
K3CCDTools Peter Katerniak's Image processing and capture software.  US$49.99.
Registax Free astronomy image processing software. Primarily for planetary imaging.
HandyAvi Program used to capture planetary images from a webcam. Simple to use. US$39.95
wxAstroCapture wxAstroCapture is a free capture program primarily intended for astronomical use, it is developed as a joint effort between Martin Burri (Switzerland) and Carsten Arnholm (Norway). Windows & Linux versions available. Works well with webcams (avi capture) and SC modded webcams for long exposures.
PHD Guiding Push Here Dummy. Free autoguiding software. Seems to be the pick of the bunch for autoguiding.
SatScape Satscape is a free/donation-ware Satellite tracking program that uses mathematical equations to accurately predict the position of any satellite in orbit around the earth, or predict to the nearest second when a satellite will pass over your location. Available for Windows, Mac & Linux.
Iris Excellent free astronomy image processing software. Very powerful but has a somewhat cumbersome user interface (including many command line instructions).
Deep Sky Stacker Another excellent free astro image processing application. A bit easier to use than Iris but still very effective at registering and stacking deep sky images.

DIY Astro & Electronics

Altronics Good supplier of electronics kits and components. Based in Perth.
Arduino Arduino is a programmable controller that can be used in many astro projects such as a focus controller, PWM dew heater, autoguider, etc.
Protostar US based supplier of ATM components such as mirrors, tubes, flocking material, etc.